Truth Over Fear: Covid-19, the Vaccine and the Great Reset

Truth Over Fear: Covid-19, the Vaccine and the Great Reset

Online Summit

May 7-9, 2021

by Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

Venite, faciamus nobis civitatem et turrim,

cujus culmen pertingat ad cœlum.

Come, let us make a city and a tower for ourselves,

whose top will reach to heaven.

Gen 11: 4

“A time is coming when men will go mad,

and when they see someone who is not mad,

they will attack him, saying:

You are mad; you are not like us.”

St. Antony the Great

I am very grateful to Dr. Patrick Coffin for the opportunity that has been given to me to take part in the world summit “Truth Over Fear: Covid-19, the Vaccine and the Great Reset.” As I prepare to speak, I want to greet each of the participants and bless their commitment in service of the truth, above all during these hours of great confusion, of the darkening of minds and consciences.


You have certainly taken note of my statement of March 25, by which I wanted in some way to launch this event and anticipate the issues, by treating certain of them more articulately. What I will tell you now touches on other aspects and intends in some way to complete my previous statement.

The media, politicians, managers of large companies, and even priests and bishops speak to us obsessively about a connected world, in which the faculties of the human body are amplified by a series of technological appendages which permit us to talk to our automobile, turn on the living room light by talking to a plastic cylinder, get traffic information from Alexa, order sushi from our cell phone, and know that the milk in our refrigerator is getting close to its expiration date. According to them, this world represents achievement and progress for humanity. Many of the marvels that await us are already available. Others are imminent, already patented and ready to be placed on the market.

Let’s imagine for a moment that one of us, by chance, happened to be isolated from all this at the beginning of last year. Imagine that he decided to retire to a mountain chalet in order to write a book, or that he entered a monastery for a period of meditation and prayer. No television, no newspapers, no social media, no breaking news on his cell phone. Only the rhythms of nature, the song of birds, the breath of the wind, the roar of the mountain stream, the tolling of the bell. Until the moment when, after more than a year, this fortunate friend concluded his period of isolation and returned to the world, believing that he would find it just as he left it.

What will this person, who was far away while we were all locked up in our houses due to the lockdowns imposed by almost every government in the world, find upon his return?

Well, our friend will discover that while he devoted himself to his novel or to meditation on the Fathers of the Church, the world has literally gone mad. A flu syndrome, which according to official data causes almost the same number of deaths among the elderly and weak people as any other normal seasonal flu, has been used as a pretext to sow terror amidst the population, thanks to the complicity of politicians, the media, doctors, and law enforcement. He will see himself surrounded by people who wear masks even outdoors, because someone has said that it will prevent infection. When he returns to his hometown and wants to go shopping, he will find that he is expelled from the grocery store because he is not wearing that ridiculous muzzle, and he will not be able to go out to eat at a restaurant without being subjected to a swab test that, up until last year, was indicated as ineffective for diagnostic purposes. He will hear it said that this “pandemic” has caused millions of deaths, even if in 2020 in every nation of the world the number of dead was basically exactly the same as in preceding years. And he will also hear that, because of an influenza virus that notoriously mutates like any other coronavirus, global authorities have purchased billions of doses of vaccines that are admittedly useless, given that they do not guarantee immunity and indeed have serious side effects, which nobody wants to recognize.

Our friend will be disconcerted to learn that, at the first outbreak of infections in a remote location in China, instead of blocking flights and contacts with foreign countries, there were those who shouted “racism” and took great care to show solidarity by going to eat spring rolls at the local Chinese restaurant, with a bevy of photographers and reporters in tow. He will learn from the newspapers that many nations, for more than a decade previously, had weakened public health, closed hospitals, and left their pandemic plans out of date. And he will not understand why effective treatments and home health care have been banned, instead waiting for the infected to get worse so that they can be hospitalized in intensive care units and made to die using ventilators for deep breathing. He will be shocked when they tell him that the dead were deprived of an autopsy and subjected to cremation without any religious funeral services, as if those who let them die did not want to leave any traces of their misdeeds.

You can imagine how the absurdity of all this sounds incomprehensible, for a person who is not bombarded daily by terrorist news from the media. And how incomprehensible is the passivity and resigned obedience of the masses to the diktats of the civil and religious authorities. Because our friend will discover that also in church things have changed: the holy water is no longer there, the kneelers have disappeared in order to make a place for chairs spaced with signs indicating where to sit, how many persons can enter, and that Communion must be received in the hand for hygienic reasons. He will learn that not only the parish priests and the bishops have adapted to the collective madness, but they have even made a personal contribution to it, in some cases going so far as to require testing swabs and vaccines for those who want to attend services. They will show him the famous video of Bergoglio all alone in Saint Peter’s Square, or the interview in which he promotes vaccines as a “moral duty,” even if they are produced with material coming from aborted fetuses. And they will tell him that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith hastened to declare these vaccines morally licit.

When he talks with friends he has not heard from in more than a year, our friend will learn that they have been forbidden to go out, to gather for holidays, to celebrate Easter and Christmas, to go to Mass, to go to confession, to receive the Sacraments; that the State has imposed lockdowns and curfews, closing stores and restaurants, museums and gyms, schools and libraries. Everything closed, for fear of a flu virus that could be cured – that can be cured – with treatments that the WHO and other “experts” have prohibited, ordering “watchful waiting” instead. And if he asks why no one protested, he will hear that demonstrations of dissent have also been banned and repressed by the police with truncheons. They will say to him that in some nations detention centers have been constructed for those who do not want to undergo vaccination, while an app has been made mandatory that allows the tracking of citizens movements, and today the use of a subcutaneous microchip is theorized that would detect positivity for the virus or act as a vaccine passport, thanks to which it would be possible to travel in a plane or go to a restaurant.

And all this was possible thanks to the silence of the magistrates, while anonymous scientific committees bossed everyone around with absurd and ineffective protocols. Millions of people confined to house arrest should have reduced the number of infections, while in reality the countries in which lockdowns were not imposed have had less deaths. Millions of people forced not to work, reduced to misery by illegitimate and unconstitutional decisions, have obeyed, waiting for ridiculous alms that are promised a thousand times and never arrive. Millions, indeed billions, of people have suffered the decisions of a few “philanthropists” who have succeeded in imposing vaccines produced by pharmaceutical companies of which they are the main shareholders, with the approval of supervisory bodies that they primarily finance. No conflict of interest, no crime against humanity, no violation of natural liberties and of the fundamental rights of citizens. Everything has gone smoothly, like in a dystopian movie.

Well, dear friend, what our friend is facing is the fantasy world desired by the Great Reset, by the proponents of the New World Order, by the followers of the globalist sect. A transhuman world, in which algorithms born from sick, diabolical minds decide if you can leave the house, which treatments should be administered, which activities are allowed to continue, and which people have the right to work. And while we were imprisoned without bars in our homes, believing in the maniacal ads on television and social media, under the cover of darkness they were installing 5G towers everywhere, in order to make possible the technological breakthrough that is meant to connect everyone and everything, from blenders to iPads, from electric cars to distance learning. With the perpetual obligation of maintaining “social distance” and being vaccinated every six months, even if things go well, in the name of a pandemic whose damage is not seen except in the media narrative and in its unfortunate management by politicians and doctors of the regime.

Our friend is not a doctor, but since he has not lived this year and a half of health delirium bombarded by mainstream news on his TV, computer and cell phone, he is able to grasp the madness of what has happened to all of us, together with the criminal plan that has been perpetrated by the elite. Nor will it escape him – as it does not escape us – that the Catholic hierarchy has played a role in imposing the official narrative, using the authority of the Church to ratify a monstrous crime, a colossal fraud against both God and man.

If we make a comparison between how we lived in January 2020 and how we have been reduced to living today, we cannot fail to recognize the success of this infernal plan, accepted by the majority of people as unavoidable. There are those who, unable to accept the intrinsic irrationality of the provisions adopted by their rulers, suspend all judgment and hand themselves over to their executioners. Others, trying to find a supernatural meaning in collective madness, pray to God for the end of a non-existent plague or adapt to the new pagan liturgies of Covid. Still others, more combative, are unable to resign themselves to the monstrosity of what is happening and hope for a divine intervention.

If only we had the good sense to think autonomously, to use the rationality with which we have been endowed by the Eternal Father, we would immediately understand that this horror is nothing but the “world turned upside down” that is desired by the eternal Enemy of the human race, the hell on earth longed for by the servants of Satan, the New Infernal Order that is the prelude to the advent of the Antichrist and the end times. Only in this way will we be able to understand the apostasy of the highest levels of the Church, all taken to give proof of obedience to the globalist ideology, to the point of denying Christ on the Cross and preferring the heavy chains of Lucifer to the gentle yoke of Christ.

If there is a “Great Reset” that humanity really needs, this can only come in the return to God, in a true conversion of individuals and of society to Christ the King, which for too long we have allowed to be dethroned in the name of a perverse freedom that permits and legitimizes everything except the Good. That “Great Reset” was accomplished on Golgotha, in the moment in which Satan believed that he was putting the Son of God to death and preventing the Redemption, while in reality he was signing his own definitive defeat. What we are witnessing today is only a painful after-effect of the battle between Christ and Satan, between the offspring of the Woman clothed in light of whom the Book of Revelation speaks and the accursed offspring of the ancient Serpent.

Thus, as we approach the persecution of the End Times, we have the supernatural certainty that even this grotesque pandemic, a miserable pretext for the establishment of an antihuman and antichristic synarchy, is doomed to defeat, because Christ has already conquered the eternally Defeated One with a crushing and inexorable victory. Strengthened by the certainty of this epochal victory, whose triumph we will see perhaps very soon, we must fight under the banner of Christ the King and the protection of the Queen of Victories, whom the Lord has given the power to crush the head of the Evil One.

If we return to Christ, beginning with ourselves and our families, we will succeed not only in opening our eyes to understand the absurdity of what is happening around us, but we will also know how to effectively fight with the invincible weapons of Faith. “Omne, quod est ex Deo, vincit mundum: et haec est victoria, quae vincit mundum, fides nostra. – For whoever is begotten by God conquers the world: and this is the victory that conquers the world, our faith” (1 Jn 5:4). Then the new tower of Babel, the house of cards of Covid, the farce of the vaccines, and the fraud of the Great Reset will inexorably collapse, manifesting in its diabolical nature the murderous plan of the Adversary and his servants.

Let us look to the New Jerusalem that descends from heaven, the Holy Church, which in the vision of Saint John appears “like a bride adorned for her husband” (Rev 21:2). Let us listen to the loud voice that announces: “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, nor pain, because the former things have passed away” (Rev 21:4). Our “Great Reset” is accomplished in Our Lord: “Behold, I make all things new” (Rev 21:5); “I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end” (Rev 21:6). May the entire Heavenly Court assist and protect us in this epochal battle, in which it is our glory to serve under the insignia of Christ the King and Mary our Queen.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America

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