Catholic Modernism. The Future of the Past

Catholic Modernism. The Future of the Past

Friday, September 17, 6 pm EST

Pope St. Pius X has said in very important Encyclical Pascendi in 1907: “But it was necessary, both in order to refute their customary charge that We do not understand their ideas, and to show that their system does not consist in scattered and unconnected theories but in a perfectly organised body, all the parts of which are solidly joined so that it is not possible to admit one without admitting all. For this reason, too, We have had to give this exposition a somewhat didactic form and not to shrink from employing certain uncouth terms in use among the Modernists. And now, can anybody who takes a survey of the whole system be surprised that We should define it as the synthesis of all heresies? Were one to attempt the task of collecting together all the errors that have been broached against the faith and to concentrate the sap and substance of them all into one, he could not better succeed than the Modernists have done. Nay, they have done more than this, for, as we have already intimated, their system means the destruction not of the Catholic religion alone but of all religion. With good reason do the rationalists applaud them, for the most sincere and the frankest among the rationalists warmly welcome the modernists as their most valuable allies.” Has Catholic modernism ended or was only transformed in something else.

With host, musician and author Mº Aurelio Porfiri will debate about this topic historian Rev. David G. Schultenover, theologians Rev. Charles J. Talar and Rev. Stephen Morgan and philosopher prof. Sebastian Morello.

The program will be streamed on numerous social media channels, including the You Tube channel Ritorno a Itaca, the Facebook fanpage of Aurelio Porfiri and on Aurelio Porfiri’s Twitter account.


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