Archbishop Viganò on the Conclave, Provocations & Schism: “Fernández is to Bergoglio what Zelenskyy is to Biden”

Following Francis’ announcement of a consistory scheduled for 30 September for the appointment of twenty-one new cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, Aldo Maria Valli interviewed Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on the subject.

By Aldo Maria Valli

Valli – Your Excellency, here some say that among these last cardinals there could be the successor of Francis. Do you share?

Viganò – I doubt that the College of Cardinals – once the Sacred College – will want to elect a conservative or even moderately progressive Pope; indeed it is evident that the next Conclave will constitute a provocation . Almost all the Cardinals were created “in the image and likeness” of Bergoglio and they will be the ones to choose his successor – perhaps he is alive, given the new trend of Renunciation. If the voters had even a minimum of love for the Church, they would have to make themselves docile to the action of the Holy Spirit; but we know that this conglomeration of heretics – with rare exceptions – has no intention of letting the Lord do it, because if it did so it would seal its own condemnation. But the good Lord sometimes reserves unexpected surprises.

What is the logic followed by Bergoglio in the appointments?

Bergoglio’s logic is very evident: he wants to create the premises for a schism, which he denies and deplores in words, but which he has been preparing for some time. Bergoglio wants to separate, in one way or another, the good part of the faithful and clerics from the official Church; and to achieve this, to ensure that they distance themselves from the modernist Sanhedrin, he has placed in key positions in the Roman Curia those characters who guarantee the worst possible management of the dicasteries entrusted to them, with the worst possible result and the greatest damage to the ecclesial body.

The progressive restrictions on the celebration of the ancient liturgy serve to confine conservativess to hunting reserves, to then channel them towards the Society of Saint Pius X, as soon as the Synod will lead to their tragic consequences the doctrinal, moral and disciplinary changes that are in the pipeline and will cause an exodus of Catholics in what, after the suppression or normalization of the Ecclesia Dei Institutes, will become the “monopolist” of Tradition. But at that point – that is, when the traditional Catholics have migrated into the Society and its leaders believe they have won a victory over the competition from the suppressed Summorum Pontificum– a new intolerable provocation will force at least one parade of the Society of Saint Pius X to distance themselves from Bergoglian Rome, sanctioning the “excommunication” of traditionalism, no longer represented within the official Church, if it ever was. For this reason, in my opinion, it is important to maintain a certain fragmentation, in order to make the malicious maneuver of expelling traditional Catholics from the ecclesial body more complex.

Deaconesses, abolition of ecclesiastical celibacy, blessing of homosexual couples, tolerance for polygamy, gender theory, LGBTQ ideology, ecological pantheism à la Teilhard de Chardin: these are the points of confrontation that Begoglio is deliberately opening up between the conservative wing (but not traditional, already distant or out of the picture) and the ultra-progressive one. His purpose is to create confrontation, let it grow, encourage the supporters of the most extreme requests with appointments and promotions, to then witness the predictable reaction of condemnation of the few good Bishops, priests and religious who remained, who, faced with Bergoglio’s pitfall, will have two choices: to return to suffer in silence or get up, denounce the betrayal of Catholic Truth and be forced to leave one’s post and exercise the ministry clandestinely or at least in apparent canonical irregularity.

Once the inconvenient Pastors have been ostracized and the faithful conservatives have been dismissed, the Bergoglian hierarchy will be able to exercise full control over the clergy and people, certain of the obedience of those who remain. And this sect, which will only have the name of Catholic (and perhaps not even that anymore), will totally eclipse the Bride of the Lamb, in the paradox of a traitorous and corrupt Hierarchy that abuses Christ’s authority to destroy his Church.

This is what the principals of Bergoglio and his minions would like, but the sensus fidei of the Holy People of God could lead many to reject this fraud and to take part in an action of firm resistance and determined denunciation. The Lord will allow the Church to appear dead , that the forces of hell believe they have defeated her, because He wants the Mystical Body to follow the way of the Cross and Burial, like His divine Head, if it wants to reach Him in the glory of the Resurrection.

It is said that the college of cardinals, as wanted by Francis, represents the universal Church: really?

If we submitted an anonymous questionnaire to the most eminent members of the College of Cardinals, in which they must answer “true” or “false” to a series of propositions on which the Magisterium has already infallibly expressed itself, we would discover with horror that the absolute majority, if not almost all the Cardinals are not Catholic, tout court. And in their number I believe we would also find some conservatives. The well-known heresy of many Prelates is confirmed by their own declarations, in front of which Bergoglio was careful not to open his mouth, as instead he knows how to do without too many scruples towards those few Prelates who remained faithful. The current College of Cardinals is the quintessence of the Bergoglian church: its members represent the capillary diffusion of modernism and conciliar progressivism in the world. Certainly, however, they are not an expression of the universal Church: first of all because they are not part of it if not only apparently, being precisely heretics; and secondly because by the grace of God the faithful and the clergy are learning – after sixty years of horrors, from ten even more evident – not to take at face value everything that comes out of the mouth of the pope, the bishop or the parish priest . Thus these, after having preached disobedience to the true Magisterium, find themselves suffering the consequences of a good and dutiful disobedience this time, because in obedience to Christ.

We are witnessing the systematic cancellation of a whole part of the Church – identifiable geographically, but also ideologically – which is still Catholic : some American Bishops, with their Dioceses; many African Bishops, faithful above all on moral questions; and an ever-growing number of parish priests, priests, men and women religious who are realizing that they are the next victims of the purges of Santa Marta – the case of the monasteries of Pienza and Marradi have not gone unnoticed – and are preparing for alternative forms of ministry , unite, compare, organize. This is the purpose of the Exsurge Domine association ( which was established under my patronage and which is responsible for helping and organizing the resistance of clerics and religious persecuted by the Argentine junta .

Why does Francesco continue to ignore locations such as Milan, Turin, Venice, Genoa, Naples?

He does so because he wants to take away the moral prestige of certain episcopal sees, traditionally of cardinals, to the advantage of a management of appointments to the cardinal based on blatant ideological nepotism. All of Bergoglio’s friends, and friends of friends, have their careers leveled, even at the cost of stubbornly denying their scandals, their doctrinal errors, their evident unworthiness or incompetence. He likes “shepherds who stink of the smell of sheep”, even if they are mercenaries and if the sheep have no desire to be led by them. Which reveals an even more bleak lack of human virtues than the total absence of theological virtues. I must say that not appointing the Archbishop of Milan a Cardinal ends up not being a disgrace; but it is unfortunate that the Patriarch of Venice, because of his very moderate conservatism, is not recognized with the Purple that was all his Pedecessors. The message for applicants to the Vatican cursus honorum is to pander to power with courtly servility, under penalty of receivership, apostolic visitation, transfer or even dismissal without new positions (see Burke and Gaenswein, among others).

Tucho Fernández will be cardinal. Until recently it seemed like a joke. Instead.

It remains a joke, because what has been happening for ten years now pertains to farce rather than tragedy. Everything that the Santa Marta sect gives birth to is a fraud: the alleged “democratization” of the Synod on Synodality, in which the questions that are submitted to the local communities are formulated in such a way as to obtain the desired answers, always according to a precise subversive design that starts from Bergoglio himself. The involvement of women in the government of the Church is a lie: this is contrary to the will of Our Lord and no power, however tyrannical and authoritarian it may be, can change the matter of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. The scandalous nods of Prelates and clerics to the vices and lifestyles of the so-called “LGBTQ community” are a deception: they are using the weaknesses of laymen misled by the woke ideology to legitimize their personal sins, which sooner or later emerge in their embarrassing prosaic. Fernández himself is also a built character , who for years has been courting Bergoglio with public attestations of esteem, of trust in his reforming capacity, of certainty of the inexorability of his “prophetic” action (in the conciliar newspeak, synonymous with “heretic ”) as supreme pastor of the Church.

Fernández is to Bergoglio what Zelenskyy is to Biden: they are puppets in the hands of puppets. The same subversive elite that unites the White House to the Vatican, Podesta’s emails to Ratzinger’s abdication, the deep state to the deep church, and Nancy Pelosi to “father” James Martin SJ always pulls the strings.

Certainly Fernández was put in charge of the former Holy Office for doing nothing that the Prefect of this very important, now downgraded Dicastery should do. He will do exactly the opposite: he will encourage the heresies and moral deviations of the theologians in vogue today, of the Bishops impatient to move to the Santa Marta hotel, of the advocates of gender; and instead he will act with ruthless firmness for the priest who criticizes a heretical affirmation of Bergoglio or one of his protégés, for the Bishop who denounces the deviations of the Synod, for the seminary professor who still teaches the magisterial acts prior to Vatican II. We’ll see how far this Fernández’s zeal will go, just to please his sponsor,

Are the cardinals wanted by Francis all yes-men or is there anyone capable of independent judgment?

To be Cardinals today it is necessary to have what our elders called “hair on the stomach”: the purges have been relentless for sixty years, and even some Eminent People created by Benedict XVI have proved to be completely inferior to the expectations of faithful conservatives, and not infrequently opportunistic or cowardly. Not many survivors remain of the brave – let’s say so – of the Dubia , who at the last Conclave witnessed things that they do not denounce publicly. So, yes: they are all yesmen; which, for those who should defend the Holy Church usque ad effusionem sanguinis , is inconsistent to say the least.

The present crisis is the punishment with which the Lord punishes the Church and the world for the infidelity of His Ministers and of the rulers of the Nations . Let’s look at this scourge as the severe gesture of a Father who has been offended for too long but who still wants to save us. Conversion is the only possible way: let’s go back to God, before Mercy gives way to Justice.

July 14, 2023

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