Archbishop Viganò / Abortion: “Sacrament” of Satan

You can go to prison because of abortion: prison is the penalty imposed in some nations for those who stop in silent prayer in front of a clinic where children are killed. But you do not go to jail if you kill an innocent creature.

You can be discriminated against because of abortion: discrimination is the social stigma placed on those who are concerned about the life of the child killed in the womb, which is considered “a clump of cells” until the moment before it is born, and for some murderers in our governments is still considered such even after being born.

They do not call it abortion: they call it “reproductive health,” “terminated pregnancy.” It is the obligation imposed by political correctness with its Orwellian Newspeak. And those who conceal this horrible crime against innocent lives behind an aseptic expression are also in favor of mutilating people – also pre-pubertal children – to make them look like what they are not by means of amputations and destructive treatments: they call it “gender transition.” Those who are in favor of abortion and the mutilation of children are also in favor of killing the sick, the elderly, the demented, the disabled and anyone, at any age that the State or the individual deems them unworthy of living: it is not called legalized murder, but rather “euthanasia,” “accompaniment on their journey.” During the psychopandemic farce, a Northern European country also invited the elderly not to burden the Health Service by sending them home a kit to help them “get out of the way” without disturbing anyone and ensuring them that the government would pay for their funeral.

Death. Only death. Death before birth. Death during life. Death before dying naturally. Significantly, those who are in favor of the death of the innocent – of children, the sick, the elderly – are against the death penalty. A person may be found to be unworthy of living because they are poor, because they are old, because they are not wanted by those who conceived them; but if people are massacred or horrendous crimes are committed, the use of capital punishment against such criminals is considered barbaric.

Curiously, in this frenetic incitement to suicide and murder, in this imposition of death on life, the exception is the elderly caste of the globalist elite, these powerful old billionaires who, barricaded in their fortresses guarded by armed guards, do not resign themselves to death, and resort to everything – even the most abominable means – to look young, to keep their bodies from decaying, to ensure “eternal life” in the cloud of transhumanism. The elite would also like to rule over life, old age, and illness.

We should begin to understand that the theorists of this immense massacre, that has been perpetuated for decades and plunges us back into the barbarism of the worst paganism, do not consider themselves part of the extermination. None of them has been aborted; none of them was left to die without treatment; none of them was forced to die by court order. It is us, it is you and your children, your parents, your grandparents who must die, and it is you who must feel guilty because you are alive, because you exist and produce carbon dioxide.

In the Middle Ages the frescoes of some churches, monasteries, and public buildings proposed the theme of the Triumph of Death as a reference to the Last Things. Death is a certainty of the human condition that must spur us to live well, to die well, and to deserve eternal bliss, knowing that after death there is an unappealable Judgment with which we will be destined forever to Heaven or Hell, depending on how we lived. The reason for this hatred for the lives of others by the elite is not the result of a utilitarian mentality; the “throwaway culture” evoked by “someone” is not due to the Triumph of Death, which has been defeated forever by the Lord of Life. It is rather caused by the satanic delirium of wanting to take the place of God, after having denied and betrayed Him. This has been openly confessed by one of the ideologues of globalist thought, Yuval Noah Harari: Jewish, homosexual, “married” to a man, vegan, a theorist of a transhuman and Luciferian religion that erases God from the human horizon and allows the tyrants of the New World Order to take His place in deciding what is right and what is not, who must live and who must die, who can travel and who cannot, how much each of us can spend, how much carbon dioxide one can produce, if and how many children one can have and from whom he must buy them, after slaughtering his own by sucking their brains out or tearing them to pieces before leaving the womb. They also decide that a child can be aborted up to an instant before delivery, because they have found a way to make money by selling its organs and tissues to laboratories or pharmaceutical companies: this is one of the most flourishing markets for abortion clinics, in addition to public and private subsidies enabling them to continue killing babies.

Our Nations, once Christian, have now apostatized from the Faith by which our fathers built Christian Civilization on the ruins of paganism and idolatry. It is only thanks to faith in Christ that peoples have stopped killing their children through abortion, just as they once sacrificed them on their altars to propitiate demons. It is only thanks to our holy religion that mothers have had as their model the Blessed Virgin, Mother of God and our Mother: Mater misericordiæ, Mater divinæ gratiæ, Mater purissima, castissima, inviolata, intemerata, amabilis, admirabilis. Today the very name of “mother” unleashes the hatred of the Serpent to the point of wanting to erase it from the mouths of our children: because in that word is contained that ineffable and divine bond that made possible the Incarnation of the Son of God in the womb of the Immaculate Virgin, that humble, obedient and generous Fiat that sanctioned the end of the reign of sin and death.

But this apostasy, presented as the progress of civilization and democracy; celebrated in the name of human dignity and religious freedom; exalted by a corrupt Hierarchy subservient to the elite, is not neutrality before God and Morality: it is in fact a Satanic rebellion against God, a Non serviam shouted from parliaments and courtrooms, from the halls of academia, from the pages of newspapers, and from operating rooms.

Abortion is an act of worship to Satan. It is a human sacrifice offered to demons, and this is proudly affirmed by the very adepts of the “church of Satan,” who in American states where abortion is forbidden demand to be able to use aborted fetuses in their infernal rites. On the other hand, in the name of secularism, the Crosses and statues of Our Lady and the Saints have been torn down, but in their place gruesome images of Baphomet begin to appear.

Abortion is a horrendous crime because beyond depriving the child of earthly life, it also deprives the child of the beatific vision, destining him for limbo, because he is deprived of the grace of Baptism. Abortion is a horrendous crime because it seeks to snatch from God the souls He desired to exist, whom He created and loved, and for whom He offered His life on the Cross. Abortion is a horrendous crime because it makes the mother believe that it is licit to kill the creature she ought to defend most of all, even at the cost of her own life; and with this crime that mother becomes an assassin, and if she does not repent she condemns herself to eternal damnation, very often living also in her daily life the most excruciating remorse. Abortion is a horrendous crime because it attacks the innocent precisely because of his innocence, recalling the ritual murders of children committed in the sects of yesterday and today. We know well that the globalist cabal is bound by the pactum sceleris of pedophilia and other horrendous crimes, and that members of power, high finance, entertainment, and information are bound to that pact.

The world is dripping with innocent blood that has been shed by an elite of subversives devoted to Satan and declared enemies of Christ. When I hear certain prelates legitimize laws – like Law 194 in Italy – that allow abortion under certain conditions, I wonder how they can consider themselves Catholics. No human law can ever trample on the divine and natural Law, which commands: Thou shalt not kill. No nation can hope for prosperity and harmony as long as it allows this daily massacre accompanied by the complicit silence of politicians who call themselves “Catholics” but who contradict the Gospel by approving iniquitous laws. Banning abortion must be the first initiative of any ruler who wants to oppose the New World Order subservient to Satan. Fighting for this must be an imperative commitment of every Catholic worthy of Baptism.

Our Lord said of Himself: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The motto of the Prince of this world could be: I am the Abyss, the Lie, and the Death. Let us reject abortion, and thus we will have taken away from the Adversary the main instrument of his apparent, infernal triumph. Let us reject abortion, and we will thus have millions of souls who can love and be loved, accomplish great things, become holy, fight alongside us, and merit Heaven.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

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