The Greatest Reset. Interview with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò by Patrick Coffin

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What follows is the transcription of the video-interview which I gave to Patrick Coffin in November 2021: it was one contribution to a vast documentary entitled The Greatest Reset Movie ( Unfortunately for reasons unknown to me the launch of this documentary film has been prevented up to now. However, it seemed appropriate to me to make the transcription available online, with the permission of Patrick Coffin, since it deals with issues that are very current today, especially in light of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and the evolution of the pandemic events.

The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum, promoted by the United Nations with the name Agenda 2030, is a concrete and immediate threat to the sovereignty of nations, the prosperity of peoples, the freedom of citizens, and the rights of Christians: by means of it a group of ruthless and unscrupulous technocrats want to carry out a criminal plan that has been announced now for decades.

In place of the world in which we have been born and raised, the architects of this Great Reset want a trans-human world, a world without a soul, without Faith, without memory, without history, without roots, without a father and a mother. Without love. Because love – above all that supernatural love which begins and is fulfilled in God and which is called charity – is a reflection of the One who in order to repair the fall of Adam wanted to offer himself in sacrifice to the Father, dying for us on the Cross. And this is the true Greatest Reset, with which the right hand of the Lord has wrought strength: dextera Domini fecit virtutem (Ps 117, 15), restoring the divine order that Satan had subverted by tempting our first parents, and making us, by means of Baptism, children of God and brothers of Christ.

Let us return to God, dear friends. Let us return to God, and let us do so by speaking with each other, forming relationships of true charity, giving counsel to the doubtful, comforting those who despair of tomorrow, encouraging those who fight, and forming a common front against this infernal globalist Leviathan.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

23 May 2022


Patrick Coffin

November 2021

It is becoming impossible to dismiss the Great Reset and the New World Order as conspiracy theories. How does the one relate to the other, and for how long have its planners been planning it?

The Great Reset is the social tool with which the global elite intends to establish the New World Order. It represents an interference of economic and ideological powers belonging to large families of the world of finance and to institutions linked to them, pursued with methods of social engineering and regulatory interventions – issued by governments under their orders – intended to radically change the entire social, economic, political, and religious system of the nations in which the Great Reset is implemented. Promoted principally by the World Economic Forum, whose president is Klaus Schwab, the Great Reset has been adopted by the United Nations with the name Agenda 2030,[1] cloaking it with noble intentions like the defeat of poverty, hunger, and disease; but in fact promoting so-called “reproductive health,” so-called “gender equality,” the suppression of protections for workers and the reduction of labor, the privatization of health and other services pertaining to the State, the implementation of mass control tools, the adoption of electronic currencies, a massive reform of the banking and insurance system to the detriment of citizens and small businesses, the imposition of a green agenda with repercussions for the global economic system and individual lives, and, last but not least, an impressive transfer of national sovereignty in the financial, fiscal, and military spheres.

Yet the media argue that ongoing reforms are inevitable after decades of state waste.

It should be noted, for the sake of completeness, that the architects of this coup d’état – whom we could rightly call the true “conspiracy theorists” – laid the foundations for the Great Reset, creating a world crisis in recent decades from which they have drawn the greatest possible profit for themselves; and after having unbelievably squeezed national economies with wretched policies and selling large strategic companies to private individuals, today they want to impose this Agenda 2030 that permits them to draw further gains at the expense of the community, which is the victim both before and after.

And since the revolution that the Great Reset wants to achieve involves enormous sacrifices for the masses – sacrifices that in a normal situation would not have had any legitimacy – they have used a pandemic emergency, skillfully provoked in order to destroy the social and economic fabric by means of the lockdown, the economic crisis that has stemmed from it, tax increases, and budget cuts imposed by the loans granted to individual nations by the European Union, the European Central Bank and the European Commission. In the agreements for the disbursement of funds – the so-called “recovery fund” – nations have committed themselves to borrowing money that was previously paid by them, tying the expenditure to certain interventions, all in coherence with the Great Reset. We therefore should not be surprised if countries are allocating billions for gender equality or for ecological transition, while at the same time allocating clearly inadequate sums to health or the world of work, and above all in relation to the catastrophic narrative of the pandemic.

Obviously, wherever nations fail to make payments on the debt they have incurred – debts on loans which, I repeat, are made up of funds which these nations themselves first paid [to the European Union] – they find themselves forced to default, placed under the temporary receivership of the so-called troika [the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund], as we have seen recently with Greece. This in turn leads to the sale of the nation’s strategic assets, ports, goods, and real estate.

For those unfamiliar with the reality of European nations, it is worth remembering that the transfer of monetary sovereignty to the European Central Bank and the introduction of a balanced budget in national constitutions have effectively deprived governments of independence and the ability to issue money to cover for expenses related to health, infrastructure, services, education, etc. If a nation must have a balanced budget like a company (something which is inconceivable); if it has to borrow money from the European Central Bank – which is a private bank – it is essentially on a leash to the orders of European bureaucrats, bureaucrats whom no one has elected and who report principally to the lobbies that finance them. In practice, the transformation of the State into a company, a process that dates back to the 1990’s, was necessary to create the remote premises that have led to the present situation.

In this context, the reduction of professional skills – from those of the lawyer or engineer to those of the craftsman and farmer – constitutes an impediment to the individual’s working independence, along with the so-called citizenship income (this is the universal income desired by the Great Reset with the support of Bergoglio). Not being able to guarantee subsistence with one’s work and having an income that fossilizes this situation of dependence on the Master-State makes the citizens effectively blackmailable slaves. Those who do not adhere to the globalist “model ethic” – think for example of the obligatory green pass for workers in Italy, and in other places as well – are deprived of the means of subsistence without an alternative. In essence, the State creates the conditions for professional incompetence in order to prevent freedom of choice for its citizens.

The same thing happens for private property and the home in particular: the Great Reset intends to abolish our property – the property of the elite is obviously protected from any threat – because having a house, along with employment, guarantees an elemental security for oneself and one’s family. Without a home of their own, and with property in the hands of large real estate groups linked to the advocates of the Great Reset, citizens will be at the mercy of decisions of their employers, who will give them temporary employment, without guarantees and without protections, granting them a temporary habitation, a sort of perpetual, depersonalized, sterile and eco-sustainable AirBnb.[2]

This is why in Italy, where “the brick” – that is, the owned house – is so widespread, the government of Mario Draghi the banker is increasing taxes as well as taxation on real estate: the aim is to lead the population to sell off their houses in order to survive, only then to see their houses rented out by the speculators who bought them at ridiculously low prices.

Thus the impoverishment caused by the lockdown with the excuse of the pseudo-pandemic, the reduction of wages, the deregulation of employee work, the introduction of cheap (often illegal) foreign labor favored by uncontrolled immigration and the increase in unemployment caused by the bankruptcy of over 400,000 Italian companies during the two-year period 2020-2021 all prove to be instrumental in the disappearance of the privately owned house and its replacement with rented housing units, paid for with the citizenship income or with a paycheck that is consistently smaller and smaller.

It is evident that there is no room for the traditional family in this aseptic and disturbing picture, because it prevents the mobility of employees, the precariousness of contracts, and the provisional nature of relationships.

What is the Catholic Church’s teaching on this matter?

The social doctrine of the Church has always defended private property as part of natural law. The fact that Bergoglio is now questioning even this apparently marginal point of Catholic doctrine[3] is a disturbing sign of the ideological cooperation of the conciliar church in the plan of the Great Reset. If we add universal income to this, we understand the danger that this “pontificate” represents for the Church and for all humanity, plunged into a dystopian nightmare in which liberalism and communism are allied against both man and God.

I should also mention that the drastic reduction of the world population is an essential point of the globalist agenda, to be achieved through political means that incentivize abortion and contraception (which the Malthusians deceptively call “reproductive health”), mass vaccination, and the promotion of homosexuality and gender ideology. The victims of adverse effects of the gene serum, the sterilization induced by the so-called vaccine, and the normalization of non-fertile lifestyles should all be seen in this context and represent an application on the global level of the birth control policies that have been in place in China for some time.

Bergoglio’s infamous “Who am I to judge?” spoken at the beginning of his “pontificate,”[4] uncorked a systematic demolition of Catholic morality, translated into a “doctrinal” formulation with Amoris Laetitia and its “authentic” interpretation published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis[5]. And in the last few days the Argentine appointed as an ordinary member of the Pontifical Academy of the Social Sciences the economist Jeffrey David Sachs[6], the president of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a supporter of global population reduction and the battle against climate change.[7]

Who are the main architects – the leaders, masterminds, influencers, and organizations – of the Great Reset?

This global coup d’état was carried out by a very powerful minority with practically inexhaustible economic means, with the complicity of rulers, the media, and unfortunately also religious leaders. The principal architects are, as I said, the families of the high world of finance like the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Rockefeller… They are joined by self-styled philanthropic foundations of billionaire speculators such as Bill Gates and George Soros; then there is the United Nations, with its agencies – the WHO, Unicef, UNESCO, the FAO. There are groups of power like the World Economic Forum, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Club di Roma, and obviously the Masonic lodges all over the world.

These families and groups of power also control investment funds that own part of the world public debt and an infinity of multinationals that have control not only over banks, insurance companies, telecommunications, online companies and – this goes without saying – pharmaceutical companies, but also over almost the entire information industry, from traditional media to social media platforms on the internet. Recently we have seen how the media has contributed to the pandemic narrative and to the impending ecological emergency.

The religious leaders are practically all aligned with the ideology of the New World Order, and as a result with the Great Reset that is instrumental to it. Some, such as certain Protestant denominations or the Buddhism of Soka Gakkai International, are religious emanations in a Masonic key and as such consider globalism to be absolutely desirable, and so they cooperate actively in its establishment. Other religions are internally divided, such as for example the Orthodox Church, in which some Patriarchs make no secret of their belonging to the Lodges while other denounce the globalist plan as intrinsically anti-Christian.

Finally, the Catholic hierarchy is living through a moment of the most grave contradiction, because for sixty years now it has been completely aligned in a progressive and globalist sense, and under the “pontificate” of Jorge Mario Bergoglio it has made the ideology of the New World Order its own, proposing itself as a candidate for the presidency of the Universal Religion advocated by Freemasonry.

How and when did communistic infiltrators get a foothold in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church?

We know that the plan to infiltrate the Church with fifth columns of the enemy dates back to the nineteenth century. Modernism was the first organized attack to mortally wound the ecclesial body not with a specific heresy, but with a philosophical system that corrupted every single dogma, every moral principle, every trace of the supernatural from Religion, reducing it to a mere human and immanent response, to a vague need for the sacred, in an anthropological key.

The war waged by Saint Pius X on Modernism prevented its spread for a few decades, but this resistance against Modernism progressively grew weaker. The Modernists continued to move, remaining hidden and concealing their intentions, and they succeeded in returning to key posts in the Curia, the Dioceses, the Roman Universities and Seminaries. Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli had many Modernist friends, as well as being intrinsic to several Freemasons (and perhaps affiliated with a Lodge): he allowed them to ascend the degrees of the Hierarchy, and in due course Paul VI completed the work, rehabilitating them to teach, revoking the canonical censures imposed under Pius XII or John XXIII, and summoning as consultors or experts to the Second Vatican Council precisely those who would use it – by reason of its authority – for the first operation of cancel culture in the history of the Church and to authoritatively impose dubious or heterodox doctrines. This was, undoubtedly, the second attack on the Church, this time conducted with new methods and relying on an incredibly efficient organization.

In hindsight – as I have already pointed out elsewhere – it is clear that the use of ecclesiastical Authority contra mentem legis – that is, against the intention of the law, against the motivating purpose of the legislator – at the time of the Council, which continues today, is comparable to the way the civil authority has had recourse to unconstitutional and illegitimate norms during the psycho-pandemic.

Was it therefore in combination with the Second Vatican Council that the Holy See began to forge relations with the Left and with the Communists?

During the Second World War, the infiltration of Modernists was accompanied by the establishment of relations with the Left and with Soviet Communism. This operation was carried out by the Jesuits and their accomplices; among them we can include Giovanni Battista Montini, at the time Substitute of the Secretariat of State and an active collaborator of both the Americans and the Italian and Russian Communists. His involvement in providing the lists of priests who were sent behind the Iron Curtain to the Communists who would kill them raises many disturbing questions. Certainly the “ostpolitik” pursued first by John XXIII and then by Paul VI helped to infiltrate many communist agents, as also happened in other spheres; I am thinking, for example, of the journalists who as shown by the famous Mitrokhin Dossier turned out to be in the pay of Moscow or the Communist Party.

The militant communist Bella Dodd, who was converted to Catholicism by the Venerable Fulton Sheen in 1952, revealed that there was a communist plan of infiltration of the Church to demolish it from the inside as much ideologically as morally; something that has been proven by the doctrinal drift and moral corruption of the clergy. The homosexualization of society, on the other hand, necessarily had to have its correspondent in the Church, in order to deprive it of its credibility and to make it an example of scandalous behavior. The tenant of Santa Marta surrounds himself with unpresentable characters, while he shows himself to be ruthless against “rigid” Catholics who do not approve the immorality of their pastors and their prostration to the demands of the New Order.

The pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI did not continue on this front, in particular with regard to the dictatorship of Beijing. Ratzinger was absolutely opposed to an agreement with the Chinese government that would question the exclusive competence of the Holy See in the appointment of bishops. How did the Agreement come to be signed?

If an agreement was reached with the Chinese communist dictatorship, we owe it to the action of the Jesuits and the approval of their “diplomatic” action by Bergoglio. I recall en passant that Mister McCarrick was commissioned by Bergoglio to undertake trips to China, despite the fact that Bergoglio was already well aware of the sexual crimes in his regard. This agreement has proven to be a wretched decision that allowed the Chinese Communists to persecute with impunity the clandestine Catholics loyal to Rome, closing churches and seminaries, deporting priests and bishops, imposing the cult of the Party in liturgical celebrations and having the appointment of Ordinaries chosen by the Party recognized by the Vatican.

It is a scandal of unprecedented gravity that has been condemned several times by Cardinal Zen, whom Bergoglio even refused to receive in audience [in 2020] despite the fact that the Cardinal, 88 years old, came to Rome all the way from China for this very purpose. Today La Civiltà Cattolica also publishes an edition in Chinese: the fact that this “victory” of the Jesuits has been bartered in exchange for the Holy See’s silence on the violation of human rights and the inalienable freedoms of the Church of Christ, is absolutely negligible in the eyes of the Argentine, especially if his silence is compensated with generous donations to the Vatican [by the Chinese government].

In addition to diplomatic relations with Chinese Communism, Bergoglio does not fail to approve and support movements of clear socialist and communist inspiration, as recently happened for the 4th “World Meeting of Popular Movements.” Its buzzwords are: integral human development, the environment, integral ecology, human rights, disarmament, integral health, sustainability – in short, the complete globalist repertoire. On the occasion of his video message to the participants, Bergoglio talked about the minimum wage and universal income, the liberalization of pharmaceutical patents, the censorship of fake news, and about conspiracy theories, all on behalf of the technology giants. He even compared Black Lives Matter-protests to Good Samaritan.[8] As can be seen, the causes supported by the Bergoglian church have nothing supernatural about them, and are limited to claims of a political, economic or trade union nature.

But how can the Catholic vision’s primacy of the human person be reconciled with communist ideology, which privileges the mass, the people as a whole?

This is another element that I consider extremely revealing of the communist ideology that has penetrated the Church. I refer to the collectivist mentality in which the individual ends up being absorbed into the mass, which in turn acquires almost a personality: the party, the committee, the assembly, the council. From this perspective, group goals have priority over individual goals. The Council – especially in its liturgical reform – absorbed the collectivist vision by giving emphasis to the community to the detriment of the personal relationship of both the baptized and the priest-celebrant with Christ. In the conciliar vision, the priest is no longer the minister of the sacred action but merely the presider, the representative of a faceless assembly.

This has also happened in the civil field: the pandemic emergency and the vaccination campaign have given greater importance to the community to the detriment of the individual citizen, to the point of delegitimizing and criminalizing those who, for example, reject the gene serum or question the Covid narrative. And precisely in support of this typically Maoist approach to the relationship of the individual in society, a few days ago Bergoglio stated that we must “rediscover the non-individualistic dimension of freedom,”[9] confirming this paradigm shift in which the individual is seen only as a part of a whole, and one’s conduct is considered to be more morally correct the more it conforms to the mass majority – a mass majority that is obviously manipulated. This is why for Bergoglio a conscious individuality that makes free and autonomous choices is unthinkable – for example, expressing criticism of some heterodox formulations of Vatican II. The dissenter is viewed with the same suspicion with which one looks at the Chinese person who does not obey the party. Again: this vision also includes the depersonalization of power, once attributable to a person vested with authority, it is now transferred to abstract entities almost endowed with their own will. From this point of view, the synodality advocated by the Argentine is only a method for imposing decisions from above, making them appear as if they are the result of a democratic discussion – just as it happens in dictatorships that proclaim themselves to be democratic, including the European Union. Here once again, we see that the deep state and the deep church use similar tools to achieve similar results.

The last element of contiguity with communist ideology is the “digital transition,” that is, the use of technologically advanced tools for capillary control of the population, which has already been implemented by the Chinese dictatorship and highly sponsored by the Great Reset in line with transhuman thinking. Transhumanism consists in the hybridization of man with machines, in the implantation of subcutaneous chips, in the internet of things and people – IoT and IoP – and even in the diffusion of the virtual reality of the “metaverse,” the subject of the next rebranding of Facebook.

I would like to point out that the European Commission has recently asked for “a European digital identity to simplify life for citizens,”[10] “a single IT portfolio where you can collect all personal documents in order to quickly access public and private services, from applying for bank loans to enrolling at university to renting a car.” It is clear that the green pass is an experiment, a general rehearsal of what awaits us “by 2022,” instrumental to the adoption of the system of social credit that has been in operation in China since 2014. Not surprisingly, just a few days ago, a Chinese official noted that the protests of the Trieste dock workers against the green pass could not have occurred under the social credit system, because the demonstrators would have been immediately punished with the deprivation of services, preventing them from being able to travel or make purchases.

And here we see before us the very words of the Book of the Apocalypse concerning the reign of the Antichrist: “No one could buy or sell unless he bore the mark” (Rev 13:17).

And the Vatican is also enthusiastic about this hybridization of man and machine…

It is dismaying to see how the Bergoglian church welcomes these inhuman projects, even to the point of hosting conferences on transhumanism and the metaverse[11] in the Vatican, as well as having created RenAIssance, a Vatican foundation for artificial intelligence: one cannot fail to notice the use of the term “renaissance” so dear to globalist and masonic ideology. It is significant that this foundation was conceived on the occasion of the Rome Call for AI Ethics conference on February 28, 2020, right at the beginning of the psycho-pandemic emergency, and it was officially established by the Secretariat of State of the Holy See on April 16 2021.[12] Among the first signatories we find Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life (which sponsors the initiative); Brad Smith, President of Microsoft; John Kelly III, IBM Executive Vice President, Dongyu Qu, FAO Director General, and Minister Paola Pisano for the Italian Government. The presence of Davide Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, should also not be underestimated.

It goes without saying that, in the midst of all this ideological delirium, the mission of salvation of the Church of Christ has been totally canceled in the name of an ecumenical post-humanism of Masonic and Satanic matrix.

The worldwide Covidmania has mushroomed into a de facto false religion, driven by fear instead of Grace, with the vaccines replacing sacraments, and ideology replacing revelation. Please comment.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of sociology and psychology knows that the element of the sacred is something inherent in man. The liturgical action, which is a social expression of the faith that is believed, is indispensable to gather the faithful, confirming them in the faith they profess and making them feel that they are a living and dynamic body. In every religion there are priests, hierarchies, dogmas, rites, and precepts; therefore there are also heretics and infidels, sins and excommunications.

What Providence has established for the Church now finds its grotesque replica in the ritualization of the psycho-pandemic, which has become a scientistic – and anti-scientific – religion, with its health dogmas, its sacraments that promise to grant immunization, and its priests in lab coats. But as I have said on other occasions, this was possible because there was conscious and active cooperation by the Catholic Hierarchy, which found in Bergoglio the most effective testimonial on behalf of experimental drugs, and in the Bishops the loyal executors of the absurd health provisions of the civil authorities. And not only this: identifying inoculation with the gene serum as a “moral duty” has given a doctrinal basis to the entire operation which is absolutely inappropriate. And once again: the deep state and the deep church work together in unison.

It must be said that, if the voice of a Pope had been raised firmly and courageously to condemn the infernal plan of the conspirators, the Covid farce would have failed miserably. The present Hierarchy will have to respond to God, the Church, and History for this betrayal.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now known as Pope Francis, does not hide that he is the trusted advisor and inspiration for the agents of the Great Reset. Is he more puppet or puppet master?

We know well that the Catholic Magisterium is completely irreconcilable with the demands of the New Order, and how the intentions of the Great Reset are opposed to the social doctrine of the Church. Nevertheless, the apostasy of the highest levels of the Church permitted Bergoglio to be named as the “moral guide” of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, headed by Mrs. Lynn Forester de Rothschild, in absolute contradiction to the divine mandate given by Christ to His Vicar on earth. And we understand how the heavy suspicions that surround the forced abdication of Benedict XVI and the election of the Jesuit Bergoglio, find further confirmations here.

On the other hand, the Argentine makes no secret of his role as “prophet” of the New World Order, with the clear hope of being rewarded in due time with some position of international prestige. I would not be surprised if he aspires to place himself at the head of the Universal Religion, whose dogmas of universal brotherhood, ecumenism, eco-sustainability, indiscriminate reception of illegal immigrants, gender ideology, and the universal income are already almost monothematic subjects of Bergoglio’s “magisterial” interventions. I hate to disappoint the Jesuit’s aspirations, but I fear that his masters will use him as long as he suits them, discarding him as soon as he has fulfilled his task, as happened to Judas after the betrayal of Our Lord. Let us hope that, after he too has received his thirty pieces of silver from the globalist Sanhedrin, Bergoglio may have some sort of change of heart and that he does not meet the same end as the mercator pessimus.[13]

At the moment, the role of Francis is one of the most over-exposed, precisely because of the role he has carved out in supporting the pandemic narrative and promoting mass vaccination. Beyond this, it is undeniable that he is perfectly in tune with globalist ideology and that he considers his main task to be the dissolution of the Church of Christ, transforming it into a philanthropic and ecumenical NGO that is subservient to the elite. This task is realized through the systematic demolition of doctrine, morals, liturgy, and discipline, along with the ruthless persecution of refractory clergy and religious. It is disconcerting that the much-acclaimed synodality that is the subject of the Synod of Bishops is proving on the one hand to be a grotesque alibi for taking away the power of governance from the Bishops – another significant “transfer of sovereignty” similar to the one imposed in the civil sphere – with the purpose of centralizing it and taking it to himself; while on the other front the Apostolic See abdicates its proper role as Mater et Magistra in order to delegate questions de rebus fidei ac moribus [regarding faith and moral] to the Bishops’ Conferences, even though such questions pertain exclusively, by divine ordinance, to the Roman Pontiff and the Roman Dicasteries.

The persecution of so many Bishops and priests, the discrediting and mockery of certain Cardinals, and the devastating fury shown against religious communities of contemplative life are only just a few manifestations of the Bergoglian agenda, which is continually inflicting new blows on the ecclesial body. It is deeply grieving to witness this cruel demolition, pursued amidst the deafening silence of the Bishops and priests; while in other respects it is encouraging to see the presence of dissenting voices among members of the faithful who are less ideologized, who have instinctively come to consider Bergoglio as a sort of antipope, especially due to his blatant aversion towards everything that is Catholic.

Prescinding from the promises of Christ, how close have the enemies of Christ (Freemasonry, the St. Gallen Mafia, false shepherds, modernists, etc.) come to completely destroying the Catholic Church? 

The destruction of the Church is a mad delusion that smashes against the promises of Christ, which however concerns the final outcome of the clash between God and Satan. The victory of Christ is most certain and ontologically necessary. Nonetheless, the ongoing war waged by the children of darkness seems to have reached a truly disturbing point, not only because of the advancement of the globalist plan that is a prelude to the New World Order, but also because of the absence of a firm and courageous opposition in both the civil and religious spheres.

On the other hand, the betrayal by those who hold civil and ecclesiastical authority makes evident this split between the rulers and the ruled, bringing to light not only the most efficient organization of the elite but also their weaknesses. First of all, their persuasion – typical of souls blinded by hatred of the good – that men indefectibly follow determined rules, like bees in a hive. This conviction is completely false, because men are composed of flesh and blood, weaknesses and fears, but also passions and ideals, acts of generosity and altruism, because men are made in the image and likeness of God.

We are discovering that the world envisioned by the Great Reset frightens and disturbs many people, opens their eyes, leads them to confront and organize in order to resist the impending dictatorship, and makes them discover that they are not a minority of outcasts but a majority that has allowed itself to be deceived. This reaction, which is spontaneous and increasingly more widespread, was not foreseen and could lead to a different outcome from the one expected by the proponents of the globalist agenda. And perhaps also in the womb of the Church the Holy Spirit will raise up a movement of return to the Tradition, because the promises of the Innovators have been shown to be a deception, no more or less than the promises of the Great Reset.

Mankind has faced tyrants in nation states, but never before a global system of totalitarianism targeting the whole world’s inhabitants. Can you offer some words of hope and encouragement for these dark apocalyptic times?

Discouragement in the face of this global coup d’état is an understandable human reaction, especially when we take into account the determination with which the agenda has been pursued and the simultaneous coordination of action by various nations. What happens in Italy as a laboratory for other European nations is shortly afterwards proposed in France, Germany, and Austria: the example of requiring the “green pass” in order to work, under blackmail of not receiving a salary, is striking.

Yet, as I was just saying, this mechanism can backfire, if the collaboration of certain people fails: we can think of law enforcement or doctors, of journalists or politicians, judges or parish priests. If we begin to resist illegitimate laws and absurd norms with civil and peaceful disobedience, the fear on which the entire narrative is based disappears, and those who believe that they can impose on us deprivations of our civil and religious rights will find themselves having to retreat, revealing the plan, demonstrating the inconsistencies, and unveiling the complicities and crimes. And this will happen simultaneously in public affairs as well as in the ecclesial world, allowing the Bergoglian “state church” to die out as a sect of renegades, discredited for its moral corruption and its subservience to the greatest crime against humanity that has ever been committed.

This is not a clash in which we can overcome the common enemy with only human forces: it is an epochal battle, in which the destinies of humanity as a whole and those of each of us individually, both in time and in eternity, are at stake. It is about our own life, our identity, our individuality. And above all: the proponents of the Great Reset are intrinsically anti-Christian and antichristic, because this “New Order” is nothing but the infernal chaos, which is opposed to and irreconcilable with the Ordo Christianus.

For this reason it is necessary to pray and implore the Divine Majesty that He may deign to look upon the few faithful who are ready to fight alongside Jesus Christ the King, as Abraham did for the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah: “Will you exterminate the just with the wicked? Suppose there were fifty righteous people in the city: would you really do away with them? And would you not pardon that place for the sake of the fifty righteous people whom you find there? Far be it from you to make the just die along with the wicked, so that the righteous and the wicked are treated alike; far be it from you! Should not the judge of all the earth practice justice?” (Gen 18:23-25). Perhaps we are not even forty-five, nor forty, thirty, or twenty. But the word of the Lord comforts us, no matter how few we may be: “For the sake of those ten, I will not destroy it” (Gen 18:32).

In order for this restoration to take place, both in the State as well as in the Church, honest and faithful citizens are needed who live in accord with the Gospel, motivated by the love of God and the love of neighbor, willing to fight, to make themselves heard, and to not passively undergo the violence that is carried out against them. This epochal battle is won if one takes sides with Christ, without compromise, without concern for human respect, without fearfulness. Because the closer we become to Our Lord through a life of Grace, prayer, and penance, the more the spiritual weapons that He grants us will be effective. Nolite timere: ego vici mundum (Jn 16:33).


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[2] AirBnb is an American company based in San Francisco that operates an online housing market. What characterizes AirBnb is the homologization of what is offered: they are almost all houses or apartments in an impersonal and standardized Ikea style.

[3] «Il diritto alla proprietà privata non è intoccabile» – Cfr.

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[13] Judas mercator pessimus (worst merchant) from the fifth Responsory of Holy Thursday In Coena Domini.

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